Our Little Story

We’ve held our Annual “Yellow Ribbon Pre-Diwali NGO Fair” for five years now. They’ve been years of great excitement, achievement and learning. NGOs have participated from across Western India, especially Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and other regions.We’ve learnt precisely what NGOs need to be successful marketers, what they lack and how they should be supported. The institution that has backed us all the way, playing the role of a good Samaritan has been NABARD. They’ve been our co-sponsor at the YRNF. A part of what we’ve learned is that NGOs need marketing support, not something one-off, but a sustained all-they-year round effort that drives their success. To this end, NABARD is graciously joining us in supporting the development of a virtual platform to showcase NGO products at Pan India – www.heart2hand.org.in 

The Web today is the ideal medium to create such a platform—something that is precisely crafted to fulfill the needs of the giver that gives from their heart and the stakeholder in the NGO who eventually receives the benefits virtually in their hands- Heart2Hand. We envisage that this unique initiative of developing a website, for the NGOs making products at “No Cost” to the participating NGOs by ISHANYA FOUNDATION will pave many more In– Roads to Social Businesses. To put this belief into action, the Exploration Research was entrusted to Nirmala Niketan -Research Unit of College of Social work, Mumbai. With the intention of creating a virtual base for purchase of these products, we are showcasing 400 different products of 200 NGOs across AHMEDABAD, BENGALURU, CHENNAI, DELHI, HYDERABAD, KOLKATA, MUMBAI and PUNE.

Spread the concept of the initiative Heart 2 Hand amongst your friends and relatives on www.heart2hand.org.in to experience the joy of
Achchi Kharidari, Achcha Karma